Find it

Click on this link, or look for the public username @TeleOctave on Telegram — it will appear in contacts search under ‘global results’. You will be able to send messages, without need of any number.

Try it

Type an Octave expression or command and send it. The response will follow shortly, in a message originated automatically from the server.

Compute and plot

Make computations, define and use variables, and make plots. 

TeleOctave supports most functions of GNU Octave 3.8.1 (some commands are disabled for security reasons), and also the symbolic, control and ode packages.

User-defined functions are allowed, and stored online on a separate workspace for each user.

Octave tutorials


Some commands are forbidden for security (eval, system, save, load, ...)

A timeout of 3 seconds is fixed for each computation.

There is a limit for the amount of output data (use ";").

Please ask for additional packages with the feedback form below.

TeleOctave is still experimental, so expect some downtimes, or non-standard behavior. We keep improving, thanks for your testing and comments.


Contact us

Send us an email to teleoctave<AT>gmail<DOT>com